My son was just 3 years old when his father died from alcohol poisoning. It was a hard time for all of us, especially my son.

Life moved on and I met my current partner. I didn’t know that he was using until I got the call from the hospital. He had accidentally overdosed on heroin and valium and was technically dead. Three shots of Naloxone saved his life. I’d never heard of Naloxone before. It doesn’t bear thinking about what life would be like if it hadn’t been available that night. Addiction is a terrible illness and accidental overdoses do happen. I believe that Naloxone should be made available to everyone and anyone who is living with drug addiction. I would happily be trained to administer it.

My partner is in recovery now and has been clean for over 3 months. We are a happy family with a good life, thanks to Naloxone.


You can find out more information about naloxone and help us to campaign for a national programme in England on the Naloxone Action Group (NAG) England website.

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