Madhuri’s Story

My name is Madhuri which in Gujurati means sweet girl. I am 29 years old and have a son who is just two and a half named Saadi which means happy. My life was sweet and happy and Blenheim are helping me to make it sweet and happy again.

I arrived in England four years ago to marry Sabai. We had never met before, our families chose us and it is our duty to respect that and I did. There was something about Sabai that they didn’t know though. He was injecting heroin. It was on Saadi’s second birthday that me and my son spent our first night away from Sabai, in the refuge. Those first few months were very frightening for me. I was told that Saadi would be taken into care unless I agreed to leave Sabai while he was still using heroin. Nobody seemed to understand our culture and that I needed to stay with Sabai and make our marriage work.

Blenheim understood and also helped me to understand what I was risking. Blenheim helped all of us. Me to get English classes and voluntary work, Saadi into nursery and Sabai with drug treatment.

I am now doing a course to convert my Indian Accountancy qualification into a European one. Children’s Social Care have stopped the proceedings to take Saadi into care and Blenheim are helping with supervised contact between my son and my husband. Sabai hasn’t used drugs for three months now. Sabai means ‘with strength’. This is a good name for him and for me.

Madhuri's story

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  1. I am glad things worked out for you. You were smart to look into converting your education which is very valuable when you are in an abusive relationship. I hope Sabai continues on his healthy path and continues with his drug treatment. Best of luck to you and your family!

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